Driving Digital Transformation

Have you started your Digital Transformation yet?

Find out how today’s digital transformation increases the risk of security breaches that can put your business at risk.

Learn how Microsoft 365 can help you secure your business as you use TEAMWORK apps such as TEAMS to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform your products and services.

Join us on

Thursday, May 16th, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

for a new


that will deal in depth with the security around Microsoft 365 and TEAMS, recent changes in M365 licencing and what is new in the world of Call Centers for TEAMS.

As always, we will combine business and pleasure by discovering tasty bites from Chef Peter Harvey, still at Porsche Centre North Toronto.

We will also host our favorite PGA of Canada golf coach Dave Hartmann who will provide you a FREE golf coaching session in preparation of your Golf season.

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Participate in the series of Digital Transformation events by Solulan

Do you run an IT Organisation? Is your business struggling with IT? Is IT too much of a cost center in your business? Come learn from our experts how YOU can transform your business and make IT become a Profit Center! Learn how you can Digitally Transform and leverage the Cloud to bring your business to another level!

In partnership with:

In partnership with:

What will I learn ?

By the end of this session you will understand:

The importance of Security and Mobility as you collaborate with Microsoft 365.


Why Microsoft 365 is a game changer for your business!


How Collaboration in the Workplace is being transformed and the challenges it brings to your TEAMS


How Unified Communications and Telephony technologies have evolved in the Cloud


What can I expect from this session?

In partnership with Microsoft and its partners, BroadConnect and WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, Solulan is pleased to offer this half-day session designed for anybody interested to leverage the Microsoft Cloud to grow and transform their business. The goal of this session is to educate and show you how Digital Transformation is a reality in today’s business world and provide insights on where you can you can start transforming your business now.

Whether you are evaluating the Cloud’s ability to meet business needs around productivity, collaboration, sales and marketing automation, telephony and call center, data visualization – or are looking to learn how the Cloud can help your business be more efficient and make a greater impact on the work you do every day, this session is for you.

After the session, the Chef Peter Harvey from PGHarvey Events will let you taste his latest gastronomic inventions.

And finally, for those who want to take out their golf clubs and prepare for the new golf season, there will be a one-on-one session from 1:00pm to 2:00pm with Award-winning PGA of Canada coach Dave Hartmann.  

Compliments of Solulan and their partners!

A glimpse from our previous sessions

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Customer Testimonials

We had to upgrade our system quickly, and the guys at Solulan found the perfect solution tailored to our needs!
Marc Nadeaux


The Solulan team has done a remarkable job and on time. We’re very satisfied with the new Skype for Business phone system.

Benoit Raymond

Director of IT and Infrastructure

We’re totally satisfied with the services rendered by this dynamic and competent team.

Eric Primeau


Deploying Skype for Business and Anywhere 365 is not an easy endeavour. I was happy with the work provided by the Solulan team. They have been of great help deploying and supporting our Skype and Anywhere365 deployment”.

Daniel Yu

Director of IT

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Our Partners


BroadConnect Telecom offers fast, secure, and reliable VoIP and data solutions, such as Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking, Contact Centres, and Microsoft Teams. BCT transforms how businesses communicate, and collaborate to help unlock their true potential. With BCT, you can now unify your voice, video, messaging, fax, collaboration, and conferencing with our robust line of business communication products and services.


As our Canadian and US strategic Cloud partner, SherWeb has been helping our customers trim IT costs by hosting their IT environments in the cloud. By relieving our customers from the burden of managing infrastructure and software, SherWeb and Solulan make it easier for customers to focus on end user experience. SherWeb and Solulan have developed and delivered innovative IT services and support based on the secure Microsoft Cloud.

Workstream People

Workstreampeople ® is a Microsoft Gold Partner and the creators of Anywhere365 Universal Contact Centre, the fully featured, truly native Skype for Business and Teams contact center solution built exclusively on Microsoft technologies and platforms. We know today’s businesses must manage a myriad of communications channels from various locations and times of day. Workstreampeople believes managing these diverse customer dialogues is key to helping organizations drive the digital transformation of their processes and business models, personalize the customer experience and empower workforce efficiency.

Power Lesson

Award winning PGA of Canada coach Dave Hartmann has been a certified Class-A golf professional for 25 years and former professional playing pro with extensive experience playing on various European and Canadian Tours. His teaching philosophy focuses on the fundamentals behind a good golf swing to allow golfers to have a consistent swing from one game to another.

PORSCHE Centre North Toronto

Conveniently located at the northeast corner of Highway 401 and Highway 404, Porsche Centre North Toronto is a state-of-the-art facility featuring a 28-car showroom and 17 service bays designed to meet the needs of Porsche customers. Driven by the desire to exceed customer expectations, our goal is to provide an extraordinary and memorable Porsche experience like no other for the years to come.

About us

In business since 1999, Solulan is a Canadian Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) servicing organisations of all sizes requiring fully Managed IT Services for part or all of their IT infrastructure. Solulan also provides Skype-based Cloud PBX and Contact Center deployments. We have a strong background in deploying Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 including assisting your End Users adopting those apps through custom Training portals such as our MOOC Office 365. Solulan also offers Azure-based Online Backup solutions and state of the art Security solutions.

More than 1 billion people use Microsoft Office products, including your suppliers, customers, and partners. Microsoft 365 is a set of business productivity and collaboration tools using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and includes Office365, Windows 10, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access but also Exchange, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Teams, SharePoint and Analytics Apps such as PowerBI.

Event Location


Porsche Centre North Toronto

165 Yorkland Blvd #100, North York, ON M2J 4R2, Canada

Porsche Centre North Toronto

165 Yorkland Blvd #100

North York,

ON M2J 4R2


Contact Info


Have any questions or need more information ? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or use the simple contact form below.

Tel: 647-464-2890

Email: events [at] solulan [dot] com

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